List non floor NFTs

List Non Floor NFTs

When it comes to NFTX vaults the majority of them are configured to allow for the buying and selling of the most floor NFTs within the collection.

There are some caveats to this, for example the MOONCAT17 vault has an eligibility range applied that only allows Mooncats that were minted in 2017 to go into the vault, allowing the price discovery to be based on that higher value than the regular MOONCAT vault (>1ETH compared to ~0.22ETH).

With listings on NFTX it will allow you to instead of immediately selling your NFT into the vault, to set a price you're willing to sell your particular NFT.

This is perfect for a vault like PUNK where the liquidity is deep, meaning that a purchase of multiple PUNK tokens won't impact the price too much. This will allow someone to list a Hoodie CryptoPunk, something which is above the floor value of punks, for 5 PUNK tokens (or 500% of the regular price of a floor Punk).

Someone could then either buy the 5 tokens to execute the trade, or swap 5 of their floor Punks for the Hoodie.