The protocol for concentrated NFT liquidity provision.

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The New Era of NFT Liquidity and Financialization

The New Era of NFT Liquidity and Financialization

Discover NFTX V3's groundbreaking enhancements in NFT liquidity and financialization. Embrace the evolution with our exclusive AMM system, innovative ETH-based vault fees, and dynamic premium fees designed to revolutionize your NFT experience.

Create your liquiidty and invenotyr positions on the new NFTX AMM, based on a UniV3 fork.


The New Era of NFT Liquidity and Financialization

Discover NFTX V3's groundbreaking enhancements in NFT liquidity and financialization. Embrace the evolution with our exclusive AMM system, innovative ETH-based vault fees, and dynamic premium fees designed to revolutionize your NFT experience.



    NFTX V3 introduces its own AMM, replacing Sushiswap with a Uniswap V3 fork. It features vToken/WETH pairs and two fee tiers, prioritizing 0.3% for LPs to earn vault fees.

    Learn about Concentrated Liquidity

  • Vault fees in ETH

    Vault fees in ETH

    Vault fees are revamped in V3, transitioning from vToken to ETH payments, calculated using vToken TWAPs for a more streamlined process.

    Learn More

  • Premium fees

    Premium fees

    V3 implements a dynamic premium fee, ranging from 500% to 0% over 10 hours, charged in ETH with 90% of proceeds going to the original seller with major proceeds benefiting the original seller

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Getting Started on NFTX V3 Sepolia

Try out our testnet

Learn how to get started with NFTX V3 with this series of video tutorials.

  1. Getting started
  2. Buying & Selling NFTs
  3. Adding Liquidity

Simple to use

Buying, Selling, and Swapping.... it's as easy as 1, 2, 3

It's super simple to buy, sell, and swap NFTs on NFTX.. Head to the site, get connected, then buy/sell/swaps NFTs.

  • Connect your wallet

    Connect your wallet

    Head to and connect your wallet

    Connect your Wallet

  • Browse the Collections

    Browse the Collections

    Find your perfect NFT in our Collection to buy or swap, or sell your own

    View Collections

  • Sell you NFT

    Sell you NFT

    Get access to instant liquidty, no buyer needed. Our NFTX AMM ensures you get the best price.

    Sell your NFTs

Crypto Punk #7804

CryptoPunk Ownership for everyone!

If you've always wanted to own a CryptoPunk but never had the capital to get in the game, you can now with $PUNK.

NFTX allows for fractionalised ownership of a collection and exposure to price movements. You can even inventory stake your PUNK balance to earn vault fees.

Our Products

A range of products for all your needs

NFTX V3 is the best option for new and existing users, while the V2 and Yield apps will continue to be operational long into the future.

  • NFTX V3

    NFTX V3

    V3 is the latest interation with the new NFTX AMM, and all fees paid in ETH.

    Explore NFTX V3

  • NFTX Yield

    NFTX Yield

    Yield is a designated LP interface for the V2 protocol

    Use NFTX Yield

  • NFTX V2

    NFTX V2

    V2 will continue to be operational into the future.

    Visit NFTX V2

Coming soon

The new approach to NFT liquidity

This is just the v3.0 lauch, there's more to come in v3.0.1 and v3.1

  • Optional creator royalties

    Optional creator royalties

    If a collection supports the EIP-2981 royalty standard then you have the option to enable payment when buying or swapping NFTs.

    Learn more about Royalties

  • Loans


    Utilise your inventory to loan vTokens, allowing you to double down and further financialise your NFTs.

    NFTs for Loans

  • Additional Integrations

    Additional Integrations

    In addition to OpenSea Pro and Reservoir we are working with leading NFT platforms to integrate liquidity.

    Integrate your product

  • Offchain Trait based eligibilities

    Offchain Trait based eligibilities

    Missing on-chain traits? No problem. Use Merkel Tree lists to limit vault NFTs. Create non-floor vaults with just two NFTs, recommended for completed collections.

    Learn more about Eligibilities

  • List rare NFTs in vTokens

    List rare NFTs in vTokens

    Most of the liquidity can be found in Floor collections so it make sense to sell rare items using the based token. List your rare for any multiple of the current floor.

    Learn about vToken pricing

  • Limit Orders

    Limit Orders

    Limit orders will allow you to buy from your favourite collection when the price is right for you. Your token will be instantly staked for inventory so you can exit to any NFT in the vault after 48 hours.

    Learn more about Limit Orders

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out on our discord channel.

Summary of V3, relative to V2

Main points of difference

A work in process

Separate deployments

NFTX V2 will continue to run separately from NFTX V3. All vaults/vTokens on NFTX V3 use fresh deployment addresses. Parts of this document refer to V2 in the past tense, but this is merely to aid comprehension. V2 will continue running in the future as it is now.


NFTX V3 uses its own AMM (a fork of Uniswap V3) instead of using Sushiswap. All pools on the NFTX AMM have pairs of the form vToken/WETH and have trading fees of 0.3% or 1%. All AMM fees go to LPs, but to receive vault fees (from mints, redeems, and NFT swaps), LPs must use the default 0.3% fee tier.

Liquidity-based vault fees for LPs

In V2, vault fees were distributed to all LPs at the same rate because all liquidity occupied an infinite range. In V3, vault fees are distributed to LPs at unique rates based on how much liquidity they provide around the current price—just like how AMM fees get distributed. Now that NFTX V3 has its own AMM, the term "swap" can refer to both NFT-to-NFT vault swaps and vToken-WETH AMM swaps. When talking about mints, redeems, vaults, or vault fees, "swap" will usually refer to NFT-to-NFT swaps, but when discussing the AMM, the protocol as a whole, or the web UI, "swap" will usually refer to vToken-WETH swaps.

Boost your NFT yield.

Start using our NFTX V3 today and improve your capital efficiency while earning more earn fees in ETH.