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NFTX Pool on Rari Capital's Fuse now live

Lending and Borrowing of popular NFTs now available on the NFTX Fuse Pool!

After close collaboration with the Rari Capital core team, we’re happy to officially launch the NFTX Pool on Fuse - a protocol that supports isolated interest rate pools, allowing anyone to lend and/or borrow crypto assets.

The NFTX Pool launches with support for NFTX, PUNK (CryptoPunks), ETH, DAI, FRAX, and FEI.

To get started entering a position on the Fuse platform, our friends at Rari Capital have written a deep and insightful post on what Fuse is, how it works and what the risks are of borrowing against your supplied capital.

Fuse ExplainedUnderstanding Rari Capital’s breakout productRari CapitalJustin Yu

What’s next?

While NFTX Pool launched exclusively with CryptoPunks vault tokens ($PUNK), we are looking to slowly add additional NFTX Vault tokens to the pool over time as interest grows for NFT lending and borrowing markets. The addition of these will be based on a number of factors, including AMM liquidity, secondary market volumes, and community support.

Got questions about NFTX, the Fuse pool, or need help supplying assets? Join the NFTX Discord!

NFTX Documentation:

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