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NFTX New Homepage

Over the last 2 months the NFTX Product Squad have been working tirelessly to ship a massive improvement to the front-end interface for V1 of the protocol. That process was completed last week and today we officially mark the end of this product cycle with the launch of our new homepage at!

NFTX New Homepage

The last few weeks have seen NFTX ship massive improvements to Minting, Redeeming and Vault Creation as well as the integration of subgraphs to help make using the app as easy as possible.

With V1 now feature-complete, our attention has moved to V2 - a protocol upgrade that shifts NFTX into a revenue-generating DAO and one that lays the groundwork for our growth ahead.

For the remainder of May, the Product Squad will be focusing on the following:

  • V2 app integrations
  • V2 subgraph deployment
  • Zaps for chaining transactions

We have an ambitious goal of shipping the first version of NFTX V2 by May 31st. If you want to follow along or help support the protocol, join our Discord and follow us on Twitter @_NFTX.

If you’re looking for the old V1 interface, it will remain available at