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New redemption interface by NFTX now live!

We are pleased to announce that our new Redeem UI is live!

Redemption interface now live

Last week we announced the launch of our new Minter and our plans for rolling out updated UIs for redemption and vault creation to complete our transition to

We are pleased to announce that our new Redeem UI is live!

The launch of the redeemer is the second step in our phased roll-out, which will also introduce new interfaces for vault creation and more. Watch this space!

What’s new?

View Available NFTs

When you visit you’ll see all of your available vault token (vToken) balances which can be used to redeem an NFT from its vault.

Redeem NFTs

If you have vTokens in your wallet, you will also see a list of vaults on the left hand side where you can redeem NFTs. To make a redemption, you must first approve the ERC-20 vToken before then submitting the Redeem transaction.

A random NFT from the same vault will then be sent to your wallet for every vToken you use to redeem.

If you can’t see any vaults it will be because your wallet doesn’t have any vTokens. Switch accounts or visit the Gallery and buy vTokens through Sushiswap.

What next?

This new redeem marks the second phase in our upgrade roll-out. The next phase will include views for creating and managing NFT vaults before we prepare to integrate V2 of the protocol.

In the meantime, the original app will still be accessible at

If you have any feedback at all, please head to or drop us a message in our Discord feedback channel. We’d love to hear from you.