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Introducing Our Decentralized NFT Marketplace

Today we’re excited to launch our brand new NFTX Marketplace, the World’s most liquid decentralized NFT marketplace powered by the NFTX protocol.

Today we’re excited to launch our brand new NFTX Marketplace on, the world’s most liquid decentralized NFT marketplace powered by the NFTX protocol.

This release includes multiple upgrades including buy/sell zaps and batch buys & sells, making the overall experience of buying, selling, and earning yield smoother for end users.

So what’s new?

A new home

We’ve been able to acquire the broadly adopted .io domain name for NFTX, which we’re switching towards with this release!

When visiting notice that you will now directly land on our product page, allowing you to browse through all popular and available NFT collections offered on NFTX. This officially turns the NFTX interface into a decentralized marketplace, where users can buy NFTs from available collections or sell NFTs directly without the need for a counterparty.

The Staking page remains unchanged for now. A full guide on how to earn yield by providing NFTs on NFTX can be found here.

All the critical information that used to be on our previous homepage has been integrated into the product itself, with deeper educational content moved over to our documentation page(s), Dune Analytics, and blog.

One-click buying & selling with Zaps

With the new marketplace product being fully aimed towards NFT consumers, we’ve received lots of feedback during testing on making it easier to buy and sell NFTs. We’ve tackled that by integrating (multi-)buy & sell zaps!

Where in previous releases you had to make many transactions to buy or sell an NFT on NFTX, we’ve managed to lower that to just one transaction (or two for selling if you haven’t approved token transactions yet).

In addition to increasing the user experience for single sales, we’ve made sure you can now buy & sell multiple NFTs in one transaction - increasing the NFT marketplace experience by an order of magnitude for dealing with larger NFT purchases/sales.

For buying an NFT from any of the available collections on NFTX, simply visit a collection page found on, select the NFT(s) you like, and hit the Buy Now button on your right-hand side. This will prompt a buy zap, allowing you to buy any NFT of your choice in one click directly with ETH and without having to visit other platforms to exchange tokens first.

Coins page

If you are a power user of NFT vault tokens, a coins page has been added to - giving you a quick way to browse and order all the available NFTX vault statistics, such as total available inventory per vault, pricing, and TVL.

What’s coming next?

With this NFTX Marketplace live on, the product team is now fully focused on delivering additional features to the platform, with the ambition to turn NFTX into the preferred decentralized NFT marketplace on Ethereum and beyond. Features include multi-chain (EVM) support to attract many NFT ecosystems to NFTX, metadata filtering for greater searchability within collections, single-sided staking to grow the inventory of vaults, and a launch platform for creators as a better alternative to current storefront contract standards.

Want to be engaged in building NFTX? We’re always looking for new contributors that can add value to the DAO.